Press Release: Trail to Stack Rock to be Temporarily Closed for Restoration Logging

For Immediate Release


Contact: Tim M. Breuer, Executive Director

Phone: 385-7927



Trail to Stack Rock to be Temporarily Closed for Restoration Logging


The popular Trail To Stack Rock will be temporarily closed to public use beginning June 3rd.


The private property owners generously donated a trail easement to the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley so the public could more easily access Boise City’s Stack Rock Reserve.  


The trail is a direct route to the top of Sweet Connie trail and Stack Rock located near mile marker 13 on Bogus Basin Road.  An alternative route to these trails is available beginning at Bogus Basin Ski Resort and is called ‘Eastside Trail’.


The private logging effort is intended to combat invasive mistletoe that weakens trees that can then be killed by bark beetles.  The forest in the area, including Bogus Basin Ski Resort, has been experiencing a die off of Douglas fir and Ponderosa Pine due to this epidemic of diseases.  After logging the owner will be conducting reforestation by planting trees that are more resilient to the affects of mistletoe and bark beetle.


It is anticipated that the trail will be closed for approximately two months and may be open again as soon as possible later this summer.  Recreationists can check the Land Trust website for updates.  


“Logging and recreation do not mix well so it is best for the public’s safety to close the trail temporarily to allow the work to be conducted as quickly as possible,” said Land Trust Executive Director Tim Breuer.  “We are grateful to the owners for allowing public access on their private land and they deserve our support and cooperation while they strive to maintain a healthy forest,” added Breuer.


Recreationists are asked to seek out other high elevation trail options like Eastside Trail, Around the Mountain Trail and the Headwaters Trails in upper Dry Creek near mile marker 12.



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