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NOTICE: May, 2017: Trail to Stack Rock is temporarily closed. Due to the forest/resource management being done by private landowners (who have worked with the Land Trust, allowing an easement for trail use), logging trucks will again be using the area of ‘Entrance Exam’ trail, aka Trail  to Stack Rock, this summer of 2017. The trail on private land will not be open until it is safe to use the trail. The Land Trust is working on solutions and will inform the public when it is open. We will update the website as soon as we have information to share. 

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Stack Rock is an icon of the Treasure Valley and has been a destination for recreationists for decades.  In 2013, the Land Trust secured a trail easement across private land to Stack Rock.

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Parking: There is a small pullout parking area near mile marker 13 on Bogus Basin Road.  The approximate location is mapped above.  More work is needed as trailhead parking is limited.  Efforts are underway to identify an alternative parking area.  Until a site is secured please respect signs and park only off the asphalt.

The Story:

Until 2013, the only public trail access was over 9 miles long from Bogus Basin Ski Resort – too far for most hikers, and there was a problem with many people cutting through private land without permission.  When Boise City acquired Stack Rock with Foothills levy money and a private donation, the need for a direct route that was also legal became even more critical.

Stack Rock Trail marker

Three separate owners helped make the easement possible which now allows for public access to this great site.

We hope you find time to enjoy the hike or bike ride to Stack Rock!

8 comment on “Trail to Stack Rock

  1. Steve D Reply

    When will the trail open?

    I’m thinking of taking a group on the trail in mid-September, but need to know if that’ll be possible. Thanks!

    1. Staff wbyrdltt17537org1935 Reply

      Unfortunately, the trail is still closed. A great alternative is Dry Creek. Check out more information about visiting Dry Creek here:

  2. GM Reply

    Is the Stack Rock trail open again? Thanks

  3. Linda Stephenson Reply

    Is the trail still closed to stack rock?

    1. Staff wbyrdltt17537org1935 Reply

      Unfortunately the Trail to Stack Rock is still closed until further notice. We posted an update to our blog here:

      You can Also stay up to date by signing up for our e news and we will notify you via email when the trail reopens. Thank you!

  4. MEM Reply

    Is Eastside Trail to Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail the best alternative route? Approximately how many miles out and back would that be?

    1. Staff wbyrdltt17537org1935 Reply

      Eastside to Stack Rock is about 8 miles one way.

      You can also climb up Sweet Connie on your way to Stack Rock which begins off Bogus Basin Road mid way up to the ski resort. This is a much longer route.

  5. Brooke Matson Reply

    Is this trail now open? The articles are a little old and I can’t find anything saying that they are open. Does anyone have an update?

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