Kids 'n Nature

We believe that connecting kids with nature is important. When kids learn to enjoy and understand the natural world around them, they are more likely to value nature and the out of doors throughout their life.  In addition, kids of all ages benefit from being in nature, we know that being outside helps everyone be more relaxed, and able to cope with stress. Each year, the Land Trust works with hundreds of schoolchildren doing educational programming as well as recreational activities. Some of the unique programs we are proud to be a part of include Wild Outdoor Week (WOW), the NEW ROOTS program, Bird by Bird, and so much more!

Bird by Bird

The Land Trust works with 2nd graders at Star Elementary to build an appreciation for the natural environment through bird watching.

Bird by Bird is a program organized by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Idaho Fish & Game that brings birding to schools across the Treasure Valley to foster environmental stewardship in students.   Facilitators visit Idaho schools to provide instruction and lessons to students while assisting them in cataloguing bird populations for Fish and Game data collection.

Bird by Bird provides children with the opportunity to take their classroom experiences home.  Bird by Bird teaches students how and when to look for birds, and how to build and use bird feeders to attract and count bird species.  Students enter their data to help Audubon keep track of bird populations.

The Land Trust participates in Bird by Bird, a program that brings the wonders of birding to schools throughout the Treasure Valley. Click here to learn more.