What is a Land Trust

A land trust is a private, non-profit organization that works with private landowners, developers, government agencies and citizens to creatively protect open spaces.

For more information about land trusts and how they work, please see The Land Trust Alliance.

Another resource is the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts (ICOLT), of which the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley is a member.


Land Conservation Tools Include:

•  Conservation Agreements
•  Public Agency Acquisition
•  Conservation or Trail Easements
•  Cooperative Management Agreements

•  Conservation Buyer
•  Gifts of Land
•  Land Exchange
•  Bargain Sale


How We Work

Land Conservation

We either buy a property or acquire an easement. This removes or reduces the threat to the conservation value of a property, or improve access and enjoyment to a natural area using voluntary arrangements with private landowners and public agencies. LTTV owns and manages several natural areas as well as holds a number of easements for trail and conservation purposes in the Treasure Valley. Some are part of the Boise Foothills Ridge to Rivers trail network, including the Hillside to the Hollow Reserve.


 Caring for the land to ensure it endures for the purpose that led to it's protection is know as stewardship. At LTTV, we think of this in a very hands on way, as we work with ecologists and other scientists to improve and enhance the natural elements of our holdings by removing invasive species and restoring native plants. Our members and supporters, Boise Foothill Friends (BFFs) help with this work, collecting seed, helping with plant propagation and planting, and more. The Land Trust community also refers to the work done to assure the terms of a conservation easement are being complied with as Stewardship.  What is required to steward an easement will vary, depending on the terms of the easement agreement. 

Community Education and Engagement

We know that a person is more likely to be a dedicated steward and supporter of open space if they understand and love nature, and have had personal experiences in nature. By offering understanding educational programs and stewardship activities for youth and adults, we grow the community who support conservation and the work of the Land Trust.