Trail to Stack Rock Re-opens for Public Access

June 9, 2017

The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley is pleased to announce the trail to Stack Rock, also known as ‘Entrance Exam’ is once again open to the public, on marked trails only.  

The trail was closed in June of 2016 to allow logging activity on the private land that the trail crosses. While some areas will still be impacted by logging this summer and fall, the landowners have agreed to allow the trail to re-open for public use. The logging is part of an effort to maintain and improve forest health. Douglas fir in the area have been dying due to impacts from mistletoe and bark beetles. Replanting will take place once removal of diseased trees is complete.  

“We are fortunate that these landowners allow public access across their private land on the marked trail.  It’s the direct route to Stack Rock and an important and popular trail, particularly for hikers” said Tim Breuer, Director of the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley.

The Land Trust secured the revocable trail easement across three different ownerships in 2013.  Public access is allowed only on the marked trail.

“The best way to sustain and keep our trail system intact is to be respectful of the private land that many of our foothills trails cross, including ‘Entrance Exam’, and to avoid traveling off the marked route. For the safety of the public, and as requested by the landowners, visitors are asked to stay on the marked logging road. They will find that the trail is a bit rough, so caution is advised, but the trail is passable. Users should also be on the lookout for logging traffic along the route.” added Breuer.

Access to the trail, which is a direct route to Stack Rock, is found just past mile marker 13 on Bogus Basin Road. Parking is limited. An alternative to this route to Stack Rock begins at Bogus Basin Ski Resort, called ‘Eastside’ trail. Recreationists may also enjoy other high elevation trail options such as ‘Around the Mountain’ trail and the ‘Headwaters’ trail network in upper Dry Creek near mile marker 12.