Our mission is to conserve nature close to home in southwestern Idaho.


The Land Trust identifies lands with special natural, scenic, recreational and agricultural values, and works with willing landowners to conserve these lands through acquisition, easement, education, and good stewardship. 


We are Thankful for Our Volunteers!

Volunteers are paramount to the success of conservation efforts in the Treasure Valley.  They have been on the ground getting their hands dirty for the greater good with projects in the Hillside to the Hollow area, Upper Dry Creek and along the Boise River.


Here is a snapshot of the amazing work our volunteers have done this season:





Land Trust Fall News

Boise Citizens Say YES to Nature!

Boise City residents once again showed their love of nature, clean water and open space by voting to pass a ballot measure to create a $10 million fund for projects and land along the Boise River and in the Boise Foothills. The measure passed by 74% voting in favor, showing...

What's Happening at Hillside to the Hollow?

If you've been hiking in the H2H area recently you may have noticed earth moving equipment and grading. 


This is part of the Arrowhead / Eyrie Canyon development which was approved in 2008.  By any measure it is significant grading.

Friends of the Foothills

Do YOU Want to be a Friend of the Foothills?


Donate 4 hours of your time on a volunteer project in the foothills or


Become a member of the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley by making a tax deductible...


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