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2019 Lineup


1pm show




No longer than 60 years ago, Cartagena Bay harboured coral reefs, thousands of seagrass beds and eight hundred mangroves. It was home to countless marine species coexisting with the local communities that lived off the bay. That balance has broken, but could be repaired.


Saving Our Soil: Treasure Valley Soil Health


Take a look at what local agricultural leaders are doing to improve Treasure Valley soil health using innovative science.


Common Lines


People from different places and backgrounds find commonality and peace through fly fishing in Montana.

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The Passage


In 1974, three young people built their own canoes and attempted to paddle the inside passage. In 2017, those young people have aged and their two sons make the same attempt in the same canoes alongside the original crew.


Native Youth for Habitat Restoration


A group of dedicated high school students from the remote Duck Valley Native American Reservation take the opportunity to learn about native plant restoration and work together to improve habitat.

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Tough: The Roger Volkmann Story


Surgeon and avid rock climber, Roger Volkmann, is living the life he dreamed of when he suffers a massive stroke. With grit, determination and the help of his friends, he sets out to climb Devil’s Tower, and discovers what it means to be tough.


Sea Otter Savvy


This fun, animated music video educates people of all ages about the life of sea otters and how humans should understand and respect this sensitive marine mammal.


Hunting the Last Wild Places: The Frank


Follow two friends who embark on a late fall hunt in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. While the hunters pursue rutting bucks, they also reflect on the significant conservation legacy left by Senator Church and what it means to hunt in Idaho’s wilderness.


The Last Green Thread


Three friends set out on an expedition into the most rapidly developing landscape in Central Florida, traveling the narrowest and most imperiled wildlife corridor in the state.

7pm show


Brotherhood of Skiing


Since 1973, the National Brotherhood of Skiers has overcome barriers by bringing soul, smiles and a party to the mountain. The organization is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people of color on the slopes and supporting black youth in snowsports.


Bering Sea Days


A unique program where science merges with culture on the remote island of St. Paul, Alaska, Bering Sea Days lets scientists share their knowledge of the Bering Sea with the local Aleut youth and engage them in becoming stewards of the rich ecosystem.

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The Sacred Place Where Life Begins


When two adventurers embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of collapse by resource development corporations.

Common Lines


People from different places and backgrounds find commonality and peace through fly fishing in Montana.

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Do Something


Ricky Jones turned his hobby into his job, his van into his home, and his life onto a path of conservation by contributing real data to science in an effort to save the Big Leaf Maple from illegal timber harvesters.


Wild Toddler Chronicles


With humor, emotion and general toddler craziness, this film offers a realistic look at one family’s motivations for introducing their young daughter to adventure in wild places.


Land of the Lost River Range


They may be Idaho’s tallest mountains, but many would be hard pressed to find the Lost River Range on a map. The Outdoor Idaho crew explores the unique formations of the province geologists call Basin and Range, and meets the hardy individuals who live, work and play alongside these 12,000 foot peaks.


Into the Delta


Into the Delta is a visual study of the Colorado River and its many tributaries, and the most precious resource it provides, water. Explore the rivers that anchor life in the west as well as the diversions and uses that could threaten their survival.




Follow three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy of mountain biking to women across the Himalayas. Watch as they compete across Asia, claim titles, and, most importantly, witness the impact they leave as role models for other Nepali women and girls. Moksha shows the balance of adventure with cultural and family obligations while pushing for gender equality.


Conserving Iberá


Take a look at the conservation work that has taken place over the last few decades to restore the Ibera wetlands of northern Argentina. In this inspiring interview, Kris Tompkins tells the story of how her organization has restored and rewilded the land, bringing back extirpated species and involving local communities in the conservation of the region.